letters to maria

The anniversary of your passing draws near and though some time has now passed the absence of you remains heavy in my heart. My thoughts of you at times are comforting and completely worth their weight in gold though I would trade it all for just a few more moments with you. I’ve come to realize just how important you were to me; like a mother you were. You saw me like no other seems to, your faith in me and acceptance of the girl I truly am was something I failed to comprehend whilst we still had you. I like to think I was your favorite because you saw so much of yourself in me and felt comfortable enough to confide in me. You were always trying to reach out to me though I blindly and selfishly failed to recognize at the time and now that I am finally ready to reveal my darkest secrets and fears you are no longer with us.

The irony! Ha!

So, I decided to write to you instead. I don’t know if you’ll get my letters and stories or maybe you’re reading them over my shoulder as I type away, I like to believe in the latter, but regardless the need to offload all of this has become far too great for me.

Love you always,




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