sunny skies ahead

I went to bed last night in a more positive frame of mind and thus I’m feeling pretty upbeat this morning. I feel like something wonderful is unfolding before me, but what, I’m not sure. Regardless it’s utterly thrilling; and dare I say a much long awaited turn in events for myself.

I have no idea what it may be and I am hopeful for a lot of things especially a nice, lucrative cheque in the mail or perhaps an electrifying new project that will see me progress further. Either way it feels liberating to awake on the right side of the bed and left unburdened with those pesky dark clouds. I do hope this feeling hangs around for some time, I was really becoming a Debbie Downer and everyone knows she is no fun at all.



P.S: Feel free to add to my new found positivity and send forth a winning lotto ticket tonight!


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