the circus of blogging

Last time I mentioned how I felt like I was loosing my creative ‘mojo’ when it comes to fashion and being inspired and motivated. It’s even worse now, much worse actually. The blog in which totally consumes my time is starting to exasperate me. I know the content is fantastic and to pull off what I can under these stern financial circumstances is sheer brilliance on my part but the detail I want focus on is in my writing.

I literally put my heart and soul into my words and it’s incredibly insulting when 96% of visitors are just skimming through each post in a rampant flurry to get to the comment section. And all in the sake of leaving generic or brash ‘follow me’ remarks. I guess it’s the generic ones that hurt most; especially when I’ve written an essay worth of words in agreement to Suzy Menkes “The Circus of Fashion” and the only so called rebuttal that debates on is a a meager ‘nice top’ in response to the outlandish image I’ve selected to support my conclusion.

I suppose I’m not reaching the right audience? Looking at other, internet famous bloggers their comments section leaves much less to be desired. That said two fellow Aussie bloggers; Gary Pepper and Tuula Vintage seem to have a more sophisticated class of readers who reveal in not only their street style but the accompanying words that follow. And I want that. It’s the reason why I started it in the first place; to inspire both visually but more so in my writing.




4 thoughts on “the circus of blogging

  1. Hey girl. I definitely feel the same way. Blogging has become so superficial and the only thing people are concerned with is the number of followers and comments they receive. There’s nothing more irritating that putting time and effort into a post only to receive “love your oufit! want to follow each other?”.. Grr. There is nothing that could want me to check your blog out less! I’ve basically stopped writing anything to accompany my outfit posts, because what’s the point? But anyways, keep writing about what you love because it’s the people who don’t read it that are missing out xo

  2. Are you going to your readers too, not just expecting them to come to you? It’s how I finally learned to start building a solid following where my posts receiving quality comments. But then I’m also a writer, and writers tend to naturally support each other. You’ve just got to go to other blogs, fashion blogs, writing, blogs, people interested in fashion, and just read away and leave comments that definitely show you read. I mean, I have no idea if you’re doing that already, but it’s just a thought.

    1. Sure do! I always make time to visit those who come to my site and those I also follow; that said I should probably start searching for blogs that feature more than a one liner under their outfit shoot. Thanks for the advice anyway!


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