I am praying for some good news today; some seriously much needed good news. I’m still awaiting on word about a grant I applied for a while back and will hopefully have an answer by the days end. I just want to know at this stage. I’ve been going back and forth with this possible investor drafting ideas and scraping plans> It’s been so long now that I just want to be put out of my misery. Will I, won’t I? At least then I can move forward to whichever door opens forth.

It’s much needed financially, surprise, surprise, and I guess if I’m not successful well it’s back to the drawing board. But should I be incredibly blessed tonight it’s literally happy days onwards. A much awaited brand spanking new chapter in the book of my life, something I’ve been dreaming about for so long coming into fruition, no longer confined to my imagination but to become a physical reality. This role runs in my blood; steaming right back to my great grandfather and who knows perhaps even further than that. I know there will no doubt be challenges along the way and will require a lot of hard work, dedication and may even consume most of my time but the rewards will outweigh it all. I’ll be doing something I’ve so longed for and something I know deep down in my heart that I will thrive effortlessly doing.

Regardless of the outcome it’s just nice to finally have someone believe in me and understand my ideas and visions after spending most of my life having this overshadowed and not taken seriously and hurtfully almost always looked past by family and friends. But not you. You saw this in me and always came to me even for minor, mundane advice and help; which I really appreciated and I guess until after you’d left us didn’t really recognize what you truly saw in me. I miss that, though I’ve found someone who might actually want to invest in me it’s still hard not having those closest to you see your potential – the shining light from within and give even a sliver of support.

So wish me luck,



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