bitter sweet

Yesterday could have been better, could have steered into the direction I was willing it to. I am yet to receive word which is bitter sweet; no answer means there still remains hope that what I want may come to pass yet I am still left hanging, having to endure the next few days ‘controlling’ my thoughts on a positive outcome.

I also found out that the home I had previously been eying is no longer available. Sold no less. I did not see that coming at all. I was just there a few days ago speaking to the agent, it had been on the market for months with no sign of a buyer, apart from myself lurking around awaiting my moment to strike. There is another home a few blocks away that has also just become available but it’s just not the same as this one. It was essentially my dream home, a few compromises made but no less my dream space. Obviously out of my price range though the one down the road is also only just slightly outside the ball park too. So I’m not feeling the best right now, silly right. Dreaming of grandeur that is out of my reach yet still in doing so providing me with hope. Hope that a better tomorrow does exist for myself. Is that so bad?




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