the free sweater

I’m still being all ‘woe is me’ and can’t shake my mind off petty things. This week has been far from horrid, I’ve actually had a nice turn in luck but this dark cloud of doom and gloom is hard to evade. I think I’m just tired mentally. I’m long overdue for a vacation and it definitely shows. It’s funny because I am at a point where I am able to drop everything and jet away; no commitments, nothing keeping me anchored yet financially it’s not at all possible. Actually it’s not funny but a real bitch. Not cool universe, not cool.

I suppose I’m also a little annoyed at myself for selling short on a project. Compromising my writing and talent for the sake of a free sweater. Yeah you heard right, a free sweater. The article started off great (in my humble opinion) and was left to my own devises until after it was posted and live I was asked to add in a few ‘key words’ which in turn compromised what I had just spent a good mornings worth of work slaving away at. I ended up deleting most of the post and squirreling away a few short sentences trying to make those ‘key words’ fit in and not sound like some random, broken English gibberish.

All for a $15 sweater at that…

Appalling, I know and while sharing and editing this I am beginning to see just how stupid I was in this case. I also wish I could say this is the first time but sadly it is not. Gosh I need to step up my game; NOT sell so short and grow some damn balls.




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