carry on

I swear I adore my dog. She is just the most loving and joyful spirit I know and honestly do not know what I’d do without her blissful presence in my life. It’s always so easy to be distracted by her and something I can never help but be when she’s around. So last night after dinner I couldn’t help but let myself (yet again) be easily preoccupied with the wanderings of this petite ball of love and whilst immersed in her crazy little adventure I happened to fall upon something wonderful.

An epiphany I guess you could call it. You see she kept venturing back into the kitchen and seating herself in a corner. It is nothing new, she always does this when there’s some food left out on the stove, especially if there is meat involved. This time I noticed that every time I happened into the kitchen she immediately stood to attention and cocked her head over to the stove in an almost human like hinting motion. Hoping for a scrap or two of the heavenly meaty goodness that lay above her head. I never cave in to it, though at times I can’t help but be fooled by her puppy dog eyes.

It was her constant persistence that opened my eyes. She sat there for almost two hours patiently waiting and even though 90% of the time her efforts were in vain her persistence never wavered. Not once. No matter what she stayed put hoping that she would get a little something and never got discouraged. It was pretty inspiring to see and definitely something I feel I need to take on board. Set my eyes on the prize and know that I will eventually get there no matter what. Not let myself be so easily discouraged over silly denials because the opportunity is always there even if one door closes, another eventually opens up.

So I shall carry on and on and on until I get there. And I will get there soon.




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