la belle vie

I walk to the beat of my own drum and am damn proud of it.

So, clearly I’ve just been watching something that has utterly inspired me. That very phrase was repeated right at the end and it is a quote that I adore. I’ve spent my entire life hiding away who I am and way too much time pretending to be something society and unfortunately people around me consider ‘normal’ when I clearly am not and that’s ok, I am not that person and I prefer to be the kind of girl I am. I love watching clouds and going for long walks. I love to meditate – though could do more of it – and love being positive. I love that I’m chasing my dreams and discovering new talents and hopes that had been tossed aside in the pursuit of normalcy. I love impromptu dancing and I love making stupid jokes and in doing so I have been happier and so much lighter too.

Though it’s far from easy street still I wouldn’t change it for the world.




thoughts? secrets? leave them here

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