dog days of 2013

It’s hard to believe that 2013 is almost wrapped up; well half way but it is still such a scare since 2012 was a complete waste of opportunities and life in general and that nostalgic sense of déjà vu is slowly creeping up as the days quickly pass. I truly started and set out to make the most of each and every day on the first of January though I know I did the same a year prior.

I suppose to a point I have tried my hardest to make the most of each day and perhaps I am just trying to be kind since I’ve been berating myself over missed travel adventures that seem to be piling up like bad rubbish. But looking back it’s all I seem to focus on; these missed opportunities to sate my wanderlust pangs.

Last year’s August kerfuffle saw me miss out on a grand American adventure. Traipsing in the Big Apple, leisure stays at the Cape then a mind-blowing undertaking down the ever iconic Route 66 followed by celeb spotting in the City of Angels. Not to forget the amazing opportunity to be on set and the rubbing of shoulders of a major film being produced in my cousins very backyard.

To date I’ve yet again missed out on meandering through New York, LA and an ambitious European sojourn with a dear friend whom I know I let down with my unfortunate stupidity and lies. Plus all in all, despite catering to my nomad soul it was also an illustrious blogging adventure set to bring on an opulent array of new and brighter opportunities.

And then there’s also the elusive Thailand trip that has been planned for my birthday celebrations for the past four years now. I can not let this year slip away anymore than it has. Though those journeys have now passed there are still a few more that I can still grab hold of and make happen. A much anticipated trip back to the European motherland with my cousins in August followed by that grand American road tripping adventure then returning back to New York City in November for an exciting month long stay in which I will immerse myself further in my writing.

These travels must, must transpire for I can not let another door close in my face; not just for my sanity but my very soul who hungers to roam this glorious planet.




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