I had weird encounter yesterday as I was leaving the post office, I almost ran someone down. Well I’m being pretty dramatic about that since I was doing only about 10km’s down the speed hump lined parking lot strip but there was nothing dramatic about the pedestrians reaction.

He shook his head at me, all the way into the duplex in fact. It left me utterly bewildered and somewhat forlorn over the incident and I don’t really know why it had such a negative impact on me. The arrogance in the way he shook his head in such a condescending way and refused to make any eye contact with me I guess may have reminded me of the same troublesome looks my brother sends to me daily. Had he turned his head slightly to look at me he would have seen a wave of sincere apology yet he kept looking forwards in the most pompous fashion; too good to give the opportunity for me to make amends.

His preconceived judgement over me was another hard blow. It wasn’t really a big deal, when I pushed down on my breaks there was still a good few meters separating us and the other pedestrian striding across didn’t even take notice! But that mean shake of the head – continuously too – really resonated within me and dug away at the little sprouts of joy I had spent all morning tending to.



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