internet fame

I had a meeting early yesterday morning about an exciting new venture for my ‘fashion’ blog and don’t get me wrong I am feeling incredibly blessed and grateful to be noticed amongst the smorgasbord of bloggers out there, I am just feeling a little unsure about my presence and the appearance of it all. I’ve had issues about selling out before but now I’m feeling like perhaps I’m just conforming into the ideal mold of a ‘fashion’ blogger in hopes of becoming internet famous.

My online persona is definitely more upbeat and financially well off than the physical reality and though I consciously made that choice to present myself in a more positive light I begin to wonder if it’s doing more harm than good. The obvious strain to keep up appearances and remain relevant in such a materialistic and saturated industry is a no brainer; the added stress and financial problems that arise is something I am well aware of and yet I continue to dig myself further and further into this nuisance of a hole.

It’s a necessary evil I suppose since the bloggers whom get noticed have incredible wardrobes, travel adventures and enviable bottomless wallets and I am conforming to this ideal blogger lifestyle of jet setting awesomeness by trying my hardest to reflect this ‘perfect’ blogging lifestyle with compulsive shopping splurges and tweets reflecting sumptuous brunches which may or may not be taking effect at that very moment all in the hopes of appealing and gaining more followers who think I have an awesome life and am totally unique to which I am hardly not. All for internet fame because at the end of the day those outside the blogging world have no idea who any of these top bloggers are so it makes me wonder if it’s at all worth it. Perhaps it’s just the green eyed monster ranting here but I do believe that some kind of internet fame would be advantageous in stepping a foot closer to my dreams. Like the old saying goes, “all publicity is good publicity” right?




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