I learned over the weekend that my brother intends on moving into your home at the end of August. It’s actually not the first time I heard this but for some reason it’s seemed to linger in my mind and it’s utterly depressing.

My younger sibling can not move out of home before I do! What is the world coming to? Seriously?

Ha, see the green eyed monster double it’s size further! But honestly this bit of knowledge has just left me feeling like crap. I’ve been dreaming of moving into my own space for such a long time now and it’s heartbreaking to see another younger blood relative take this incredible step in their life when I’ve been toying with the idea since I was a young child.

Looking around our neighborhood it has quietened drastically though the occasional thumping of car stereos can still be heard from our next door neighbors yard, almost everyone else I grew up with has moved on out. I feel like a bit of a loser and though I make and have reasons to justify why someone in their twenties still lives in her parents home it’s still very much dispiriting.




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