disrespecting you

Yet another abhorrent decision made over the configuration and use of your home, but this time I could not stand by nor tread lightly over the subject since my brother intends on using your bedroom as a guest room. Ultimately rendering my logical recommendation of turning your room into a study insignificant. Besides the obvious slightness size of the room they are aiming to squeeze in a queen sized bed. And aside from this loathsome idea the fact that he intends on having strangers sleeping in your room is utterly horrifying and plain disrespectful to your memory; and all for the sake of cable TV!

Apparently his electrician friend can only instal connections in my desirable guest room choice because it’s beneath the man hole under the home. Why he won’t connect it in the living room where a TV will also be center stage is beyond me, or even make use of the original outlet you had installed a while back in the kitchen! Plus I know for fact that it can also be connected via the roof so it’s just frustrating having my professional opinion disregarded. I’ve said time and time again that the reason for keeping your home within our family was to keep it as a beautiful memory of yourself but a place of happiness and love it is no longer. It might as well have sold whilst on the market to some stranger who no doubt would have demolished it and built two ghastly townhouses.

So I let them know that and I may have hit below the belt with some hard truths, especially the fact that you would not approve of a stranger sleeping in your room but at this stage it seems the only ammunition I have left is a few choice words and reminders.




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