blocks and itches

Apart from the woes of impending doom regarding your home I’ve also been suffering creatively and I’m worried about the effect it plays on my blog. I can’t seem to find any inspiration which equates to lack and variety of posts; it’s a mixture of annoying writers and creative block that I can not seem to shake and unfortunately I don’t think it will pass anytime soon.

I believe a large part of the cure requires a journey abroad as the two year travel itch is becoming unbearably asphyxiating. Two years. A revelation that hit me last night whilst my brain did it’s usual pondering. I can’t believe I have remained idle on this continent for two years, no wonder my nomad soul stirs restlessly! As much as I would love to remedy this it’s almost as bleak as my finances which are also the root of said bleakness. And as August frightfully nears closer so does the opportunity to travel and it’s an opportunity I must cease not just for the enjoyment but for my general sanity. I suppose where there is a will there is a way. I just hope I find a way really soon, like tomorrow soon.




One thought on “blocks and itches

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