champagne problems

Still on the subject of losing my creative mojo I wanted to delve deeper into the ‘fashion’ side of it and my lack of drawing inspiration through my own current closet. Nothing I actually own inspires me creatively and only serves to question it’s relevance in this fast paced styling world.

I can’t help but spend most of my days trawling through online shopping sites, browsing and becoming infatuated in new stock then adding it to my forever expanding wishlist. Imagining myself donning all this sartorial bliss whilst traipsing the globe is a fabulous way to break free from reality and my tired wardrobe and though it’s a mere champagne problem I suppose a true testament to a truly great fashion stylist is by making do with what you posses, especially on an incredibly frugal budget.

But lately when I step out I can’t help but become utterly insecure thinking that I am trying to ‘werk’ something that was du’jour a few months back. It’s a problem I keep finding myself in, I lust over a particular style or trend and when I can finally get my hands on it which is almost always a good few months later, another piece is already trending. I want to point the blame towards my finances which in part does take responsability but really all this over thinking is primarily based on losing my mojo since in reality it’s not about the clothing you wear it’s the person you are and how you carry yourself.





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