weekend nostalgia

The weekend gone was about as eventful as they always are and mostly filled with bothersome belittlement and screaming sessions between mum and I. Sunday’s events took a nice little turn after a quick run to Ikea left me nostalgic and incredibly motivated and determined to travel overseas in August.

Meandering through the isle’s until we stumbled into the lighting department where mum mentioned a slight fondness to a particular Swedish designed lampshade brought us to an idea for their holiday home back in the motherland which still remains severely under-furnished, in fact is yet to be improved since the last time you stayed there. Anyway talking through ideas with mum left me itching to go back and finally complete the interiors of this home and it’s really motivated me to make this trip happen, though I have little over two months to get there it’s an abundance of time for miracles to manifest.

After arriving home I decided to go through our video recorder in search of some video shot of our home abroad when I miraculously found a bunch of old footage with you, in fact a lot of footage. You essentially appear in almost every video which isn’t really such a surprise when you think about it since you virtually lived with us. Though most of it was mere background noise, the first 6 clips featured yourself playing with my dog, even a shot of you rubbing her belly – something you both enjoyed passing time doing! These were all footage prior to our last trip but it was so wonderful to see your smiling face and hear your voice once again; the same voice that sings sweet lullaby’s of love and support in my mind.







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