forever uninspired?

I can’t shake this creative block and it’s probably because I’ve convinced myself that the remedy requires a sojourn overseas. I feel trapped like a fly caught in a spider’s icky web, struggling to break free from the impending doom and ghastly fangs that hover close by.

I yearn to break free of this trap that has me so firmly in it’s hold but alas I don’t know what to do. Nothing inspires, yet everything holds inspiration. I’m failing to see the blessings around me as I hold fast to an idea of nirvana that is just out of reach.

I feel like I can break free sometimes but something distracts my concentration and that web tightens it’s hold on me; sometimes I can see the closing curtain but most times this circus refuses to come to an end. And I do want it to end, I want to move on and just live my life, put all these incredible ideas into action and watch those little seedlings planted blossom stupendously. But, how?




thoughts? secrets? leave them here

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