you can keep it

It’s been a menacing week to date so I haven’t felt like talking much, just preferring to hibernate away whilst getting lost in far away dreamland’s and all because of my last visit to your place.

You see I do not yearn for your home anymore.

This is the the first time I have ever felt this way since you’ve been gone; and for the first time ever, your scent is no longer present. It is for this reason alone that I no longer desire your home.


The stench of paint fumes now plaques each room on the inside and on the outside, rot of disease and decay is prevailing strongly. I feel like I’ve utterly failed you in preserving your memory and thus I feel like I’ve lost the fight. Though a part of me is still holding onto some hope I am drowning in this loss and unsure of what to do now.

Is it your anger at the shenanigans that persist or the questionable handiwork that is carried out which has left you fed up enough to pack up and leave us for peaceful pastures?

Or maybe you are still here with us, only lost amongst it all? I just don’t know.

Will you help me still or shall I just throw in the towel and allow them to continue defiling a place you adored so. Just let them keep it and do with it as they wish?





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