reality sets in

I mentioned prior that your kitchen was set for demolishing though far from prepared I actually was. I was pretty surprised at the range of emotions battling within me as I stepped onto your property yesterday afternoon. 

Seeing what remained of your kitchen splayed onto the lawn out in the backyard was incredibly saddening. Dismembered cabinetry and detached appliances that have been cast out into the cold; services no longer required and only to become a distant memory of what was.

It’s fickle I’m sure to be feeling like this, but it’s the hard strike across the cheek that hurts so. Your kitchen being removed and demolished makes everything that much more real now. It’s a hard reality check for me that progression is in full swing and that time truly is not on my side. It’s not waiting for me to get my shit together nor will it pause for a possible incoming miracle.

Is hope truly lost?







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