sound the alarm

I spent the majority of yesterday in a panicked frenzy over such a trivial ‘Western’ predicament. My cell phone, disconnected and rendering me into a solitary confinement, an infliction this time not of my own; unreachable from my end yet reachable by others.

It’s not so much about being able to utilize my smartphone capabilities nor the withdrawn isolation though they’re presence is very much felt – especially being so unsocial. It’s more so that this situation takes me back to a year prior in which I battled a similar situation over my cell, though for unfair charges but still I was left with no cell capabilities for close to twelve months over the dispute.

I do not want to be back there again, I just can’t.

The fact is I need to pay a huge $3000 overdue amount before they’ll reconnect my service. As if such an attainable amount one could stumble upon or find lying around. I suppose the irony is that a large point in my life I wouldn’t have thought twice about letting go such an amount but these days that sum of money feels much more like $3000. I hate that I am right back here again and what is even more annoying is that just two weeks ago I had began to make payments too. Ha! The irony right?!

As productive as it were yesterday reading back on this it seems utterly stupid to even complain and waste time over. I believe the appropriate Twitter hashtag is #firstworldproblems. To continue sobbing over spilled milk is useless, I need to buckle on down and pull my resources in somehow.




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