closet blues

I didn’t think it were at all possible but somehow I’ve managed to sell almost everything of value in my closet.

How can this be? I’ve literally come to a point of having nothing I can sell.

In a way of keeping afloat I’ve had to take to eBay to sell some of my sartorial possessions and have been doing so for some time now. And whilst rummaging through my closet yesterday I realized I’d virtually sold almost everything of value. Essentially clutching at straws now, trying to find anything that I can bear to part with though most things left behind are unsellable.

They’re either too worn or have a hole or two here and there and I just know they won’t fetch the type of dollars that I’m willing to part with. Like a Marc Jacobs watch that has a nice hefty scratch on the face. I’d be lucky to score $10 or $20 if I’m lucky but there is no way I would settle for such a stupid amount! So alas here we are. I am down to pieces that carry sentimental value and honestly deep down I really do not want to part ways with. At the same time without the measly extra $50 eBay brings in for me every week it will be heavily felt.

Is this what my life has come down to? Rampaging through my closet in search of a buck or two? God when will it end? When will fortune favor me?

Back to the drawing board,



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