hello, miracle?

Time is flying right by isn’t it? We’re already a good few days into July though it still feels very much like February still. How is and has time evaded me so? Why is she so bloody intent on running by her terms and not by our own? Just slow down for a mere minute or two so I can finally keep up.

Yesterday afternoon my cousin came around to discuss final plans of travel and though I had been dreading the count up to these days I was still taken off guard by the revelation that he has little but three weeks remaining until his grand voyage.


I mean, how is this possible? It still feels like the day before Christmas when he announced his trip and invited me along to join. I’m still searching for some means of getting there, still right back at square one, the very square I was back at Christmas time.

I’ve already lost out on the prior grand adventure back in April to traipse through Manhattan’s concrete jungle and I feel like this is really slipping fast. I’ve already spoken about this fear before with you, how I’m utterly terrified of the same outcome and quite frankly I’m not so sure my nomad spirit can take yet another disappointment. But I’m stuck here again; same vexatious situation, with the same underlying factor. Money.

I have no idea what to do, search for more work? I’ve been looking for sometime already now. I’ve even resorted to playing lotteries and entering competitions and giveaways in hopes of a sheer miracle. I feel like in the short span of time that now irritably faces me it seems like my only hope.

So, hello miracle?

Will you come knocking?



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