all that remains

I went over to your place yesterday to view the new state of your kitchen or lack thereof in this case. I wasn’t prepared for it to be entirely demolished with even more rubbish strewn into the back yard.

I also wasn’t quite prepared for the murder scene below of those wonderful antique seventies floral tiles.


I had previously asked my father to salvage these tiles for me because I have a slight affinity for them and of course because they are a reminder of you. But unfortunately only a meager few where managed to be saved as the majority crumbled into a mess when disturbed by tools at the hands of man.


So I took it upon myself to start the daunting task of cleaning up the chaos of tiles. It was saddening to say the least. I wanted to keep all of those retro tiles to use somewhere in the near future, though here I was sweeping them into a tall pile of broken nothingness.


But all in all I am still grateful I was able to walk away with a small handful of these beauties, even if it is only seven or nine odd tiles, it’s still better than leaving with not a single intact piece and only broken shards.


So what am I to do with these? Well I haven’t quite thought that far ahead as yet. I do know in my heart that somewhere in the future the opportunity will arise for me to reuse them for an equally special purpose. I also know just how precious these few are and how much I’ll be treasuring them in the meantime as now all that remains of your place and your memory in physical form I now hold in my possession.




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