oh joy!

The other day I thought I’d had a breakthrough with my brother but it appears I was sadly mistaken.

Let me start from the beginning…

The other day whilst he was scoffing down a glass of orange juice, he happened to leave the carton out on the counter top. So I politely asked if he still wanted more juice otherwise I offered to put it back inside the fridge. I wasn’t actually expecting an answer or sound to part from his lips however, shockingly I did get one! The mere word ‘no’ and the shake of the head opened a floodgate of hope that perhaps things may be on the mend for brother and sister.

But, no.

It appears that may have been a once off event as just last night I also sent another question his way, well actually two just to be safe, but alas the regular cold shoulder seemed to be prevailing yet again.

It sounds silly to be dwelling on such a small situation but it did feel like it held some significance at the time, especially when someone who has been purposely going out of their way to ignore and make a point of ignoring you. It’s those small glimmers of hope that always tend to hold fast until reality comes knocking and it all comes undone.

Maybe there is still hope. Our parents leave for their European vacation next week and with just the two of us under the one roof perhaps things may improve or perhaps they won’t. I’m still holding fast to that they will.

Wish us luck,




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