bittersweet symphony

My parents departure date for their long awaited vacation is nearing and with the excitement and anticipation of some peace also comes a harsh reality. Aside from the financial aspect there is the obvious longing and enviable yearning for travel within my self that is struggling to break free from this prison; how I wish it were me set to depart, suitcases in tow for the adventure of a lifetime. But then the analytical side of my brain chimes in with some hard truths.

The reality that I will be here all on my own.

Financially it will be interesting to see how the next two months pan. It’s going to be challenging to say the least since my financials of late are not even helping to scrape me by, and by needing to add another hundred odd dollars a week for food and amenities will be a feat I’ll need to consult a magician for. I’ve been trying to budget myself and saving up as little as I can so all I can do now is await the ultimate test.

And yet their absence also means a much needed break within the walls of this house; no more shouting matches and plays on my inadequacy. So I suppose it will somewhat become a vacation for myself however my brother still remains here under the same roof and despite the current situation I would like to think we’ll band together and work as a team during these next few weeks. But a badgering voice from within doubts that very much.





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