crimson skies

I’m just a barrel of joy right? Going back and re-reading my letters to you has been a tad depressing. You must look down upon me and ponder my fickle nature.

Honestly, champagne problems.

And it’s these very champagne problems that seem to encompass my entire life of late. Focusing my energy on things that are beyond my control rather than placing the emphasis on what is truly important.

It’s hard to stay all fuzzy and warm when your cell is disconnected and that very bill that keeps it from connecting you to the world seems to be growing at an alarming rate. And let’s not forget the countless others awaiting my attention.

It seems this blog to you has become an outlet for releasing the pressures that trouble me so. And all in all doesn’t surprise me too much considering this is my only source of an outlet to express my concerns. Seeing as I don’t have any one who I can really turn to and those I could simply can not understand nor empathize with my situation. I spend my days in the real world hiding away those grievances  in a desperate attempt to not attract anymore.

I do wish I could write about splendid things, adventures I’d been on, places I’d seen and sharing with you my favorite memorable snaps I’d captured along the way. I do believe those days will come and come they will soon. But in the meantime the champagne problems of a girl living in the Western world will continue on.

This is the only place I can be real and honest.




thoughts? secrets? leave them here

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