stuck behind

Well that brilliant day has come and gone but the bitter taste of envy remains firm.

My parents have finally departed this country for another and shall be spending the next two months in a far away land, wasting their days under a mild European sun. And how I wish it were me. I am a mixed bag of emotion right now, sadness and envy vying for my fickle attention. Surprisingly I do miss them but the envy within always wins out in situations such as these and I can’t refrain from joining the frivolous pity party the green eyed monster holds.

The sadness is more contempt, wishing it were I leaving in that cab bound for the airport clutching my boarding pass as if it were the very air I breathe. I’ve been meticulously planning vacations for sometime now, my last was more than two years ago though it feels more like a lifetime’s ago. I’ve been yearning for adventure but all I see around me are others enjoying these simple pleasures. At times I feel like everyone else is living out their dreams and here I am, stationary as ever, as stuck as ever.





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