awkward moments

So here we are. Parents have left and arrived at their destination all fine and well and now it’s just my brother and I co-existing under the same roof. I did have high hopes that we would band together over the next few weeks and become all chummy as we once were, however past events from the weekend have me doubting otherwise.

Despite my obvious lack of funds and all I went out and brought some much needed groceries for the two of us. Obviously to share however to my annoyance the very next day he came home with bags full of groceries and apparently, groceries intended for the consumption of only himself.

Let me elaborate.

It all began when I offered him some help as he seemed to be struggling stacking food into the refrigerator. He blatantly ignored me and made a face that looks something like a mixture of superiority and disgust that someone of my class would have the audacity to address him.

I let him be.

A few hours later I made my way into the kitchen to prepare a meal. While getting the prep work ready I was contemplating if I should ask if he would like me to make him something too as I honestly did not mind but as I opened the fridge I noted that he cleared out an entire shelf reserving it for only ‘his’ food; mixing prosciutto slices with salad leaves and fruit. I did the ‘nice’ thing of rearranging it all and placing the appropriate items in their appropriate places; salad leaves and fruits into the crisper etc. I hope he would see this as an act of kindness on my part, an olive branch of sorts.

Nervously I make my way into the pantry and again a large corner has been cleared and again reserved for only ‘his’ food. This time his food is barricaded off by ramen noodle packages, lined up like the Great Wall, protecting the ‘valuables’ behind them from me apparently.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But the feeling of being incredibly hurt won over and is still winning over now as I type this. Is this really how it will play out over the next few weeks?




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