like, so over it

I’ve reached my limit with my brother’s constant state of rudeness and complete disregard of my presence. His inconsiderate and sloppy ways has me seeing no longer through envious green eyes but through fiery crimson ones instead.

I am beyond tired of taking out the trash and recyclables and then having to haul them back inside again. Doing my own washing while he does his own, hiding the soiled clothing in a separate bucket hidden in another linen cupboard as if a secret that needed protection from his evil sister. Mind you he is more than happy to dispose of the bath towels he uses into the wicker basket in a tactless manner for me to do later on. Loading the dishwasher and unloading it even coming home to find that he’s double parked in the driveway because I had the gall to head out when I know perfectly well what time he finishes work on a Friday. Like, as if I don’t work too right.

I am just exasperated by his discourteous self; walking on eggshells and afraid to awaken the sleepy giant. All I really want is for him to just pull his weight slightly. I don’t mind doing the mundane household duties, I just very much dislike the fact that it’s expected of me to do it. You know, don’t leave your McDonald’s rubbish sitting pretty on the bench – dispose of it in the bin that sits beneath the bench and maybe once in a while bring the bins back inside when you come home from work on a Friday. It hardly takes much effort and would makes things less strained and tense under this damn roof.

I’ve also reached my limit with my silly tears over the loss of yet another travel adventure. What is done, is done. So I’ve continued to make new plans and am currently hopeful for a month long soiree in New York City and now Los Angeles too. I also made plans with a cousin from America for a grand European vacation next year during the summer. At first I was slightly reluctant to agree to something like this again. After the heartache of canceling two important travel voyages I didn’t want to suffer the same fate and yet again disappoint another important being in my life.

But I took a chance. If it came into my life, then there is hope that it may come to pass and I will hold fast to that.



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