illusive fortunes

We near the end of August, the official end to half a year long past and along with it now comes extra finances and a need to pull my resources together yet again.

Scrounging through a near bare closet like a homeless man fishing through a trash can in hopes of finding an illustrious pizza crust or two. Looking through what remains and now having no choice but to part with pieces that I treasure all in an effort to make some ends met.

Ends like my car registration, phone bill and now my dear puppy’s annual vaccine.

The car registration must be paid for by the due date otherwise I’ll face the same consequences as I did last year in being caught with an unregistered vehicle on the roads. Caught because of a stupid scanner as I drove past them, not speeding, not talking on my cell, doing nothing at all – harming nobody, yet they insisted on following me right as I was only a block away from home. Apparently the police have nothing better to do with their time these days but now harass motorists who haven’t paid fines. And I get everyone has to pay, it’s just not everyone is blessed with limitless bank accounts and full time work. I just need an extra bit of time since my welfare check can not cover the amount owed, even with the messily concession discount.

And it’s funny with that damned cell bill, I had gone weeks on end without making any payments and never had a problem with extensions – only until I actually paid, and not just a meager amount (though I’m sure the three hundred odd dollars seemed like a feeble attempt to the operator), but now attaining an extension was problematic for them! Why is that? I don’t pay and it’s ok – when I do pay more than half of what is owed it is then no longer acceptable and I need to pay the full amount by the end of the month.


I need to find a money tree – or win the lottery. I’m going to buy a ticket tonight and pray for a miracle, if not that than at least a turn in fortune.




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