me, myself and i

What I’ve become aware to over the past year or so is that I’ve got me, myself and I.

Me, myself and I keeping me on track and watching over my back. No one else will look out for me as I have and can nor will they truly understand. And until or if I ever find my knight in shining armor I will only ever really have myself to rely upon.

The thing is no one else has or will ever be there for me and it is high time that I step up to the plate. I don’t have anyone else keeping a vigilant eye on myself so I need to start doing the ‘selfish’ or more appropriately, the selfless thing by putting myself first and foremost. Because at the end of the day I really only have myself I can rely completely upon since those ‘closest’ to me and by those I obviously mean my immediate family, have proven time and time again that I’ve used up all free passes and have been overstaying my welcoming.

I guess this turn in thought stems from last weekends horrid events and my frustration with my family; more so my parents. Parents who seem intent on helping my brother despite him not wanting any assistance and ignoring my obvious time of need and using it to further continue kicking me whilst I am down. I can forgive but I won’t forget any of it.

So bring on a new era of me myself and I because if I don’t start then who will?




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