days like these

From Spring sunshine and warmth to a grizzly winter chill today. This morning I faced a forgotten enemy, a conundrum that hadn’t quite seen the light of day for a good few months.

What am I going to wear today?

And I am not bantering about the typical “female” quest of rummaging through ones closet and not delighting in anything you come across; a never-ending story of sorts. But I am actually talking quite literally nothing to wear.

Nothing warm to wear actually.

I spent the past winter layering t-shirts, cardigans and jackets. Spending my days beside heating vents and bundled up in thick oversized scarfs; a $30 price tag I could actually afford. Taking my puppy for chilly morning walks in sweats and a thin hoodie. Passing other fellow adventurers braving the cold and feeling rather self-conscious of my own lack of clothing compared to their snow like gear. In awe at the path my life is traveling down, so far removed from my peers and the conventional expectations of a twenty something Australian girl.

So here I am again today, faced with a cold start and feeling slightly embarrassed over my circumstances but all I can do is laugh.

Laugh because that is all I really can do.

Laugh because I know one day (and again, hopefully soon Universe!) it won’t be like this, one day I’ll look back at these times and smile at the lessons learned and character it’s built me. Maybe even inspire others to believe in the impossible. Talk about the days where I had to go without deodorant and conditioner, living off $50 a month, desperately trying to make $5 worth of petrol last a good week or two. Scrapping by welfare and juggling an intimidating pile of bills.

Yes laugh!

And I can also find solace in the many quotes by Dwayne Johnson I’ll come across scattered throughout the world-wide web, talking about his early days and struggles and his faith in a brighter future. Being able to relate and praying that the light I can just make out is the very light I’ve been searching for at the end of my tunnel.





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