kitchen nightmares: #2

The kitchen is now officially underway and seeing the bones of what is to be being placed yesterday has left me yet again yearning for what could have been and what I have inevitably lost.

What I can never have.

Don’t get me wrong, it is coming together quite charmingly and is almost as I had previously envisioned. There are a few things that I am not content with such as the cavernous void for a double door refrigerator which was originally planned for a single door one. It overpowers such a small space and takes up too much valuable real estate. Then there’s the many issues we’re facing with nuisance handles which was something I advised everyone with from the very beginning and alas they all thought I was mad to suggest such a thing. Now it appears that our choice in handles are proving to be quite problematic as some sizes are not in stock or no longer available etc, etc.

And then of course there’s that enchanting grey veined marble I so desperately wanted to apply as the splashback and bench top like a cascading brilliant waterfall. Price wise this proved to be little more than a dream but thankfully I managed to convince my father to proceed with a resplendent Caesar Stone instead of that awful laminate material, which if you remember I really have a strong dislike for.

I do wish it were I moving into your home. I don’t think I’ll ever stress and stew enough over that meek fact, and that green eyed monster will never subside in its hold over me on this subject. I do want to be 100% chipper with all of these shiny new objects and changes moving in but frivolously I just can’t.

I  can’t because ultimately I hoped it was me. I hoped that I was the one preparing to move in with my puppy dog. Use this kitchen of my dreams and lay my head down at night under this peaceful roof. But sadly it just was not in the cards for me right now. So I’ll remain on standby and desperately pray that the person moving into your home truly appreciates, cares and treats it with the respect it so rightly deserves.

But regardless Maria overall I think you’d be quite captivated with the result. And that is what should matter the most to me at the end of the day. That you’d approve and would have been delighted with these changes.



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