mean girls

Why be so mean?

Why choose to emotionally tear a person down?

Stranger or not.

Presume they are much weaker than you are. Strip them clean of any self-worth, point out their flaws with that disgusting judgmental finger and then aggressively shove it at those misgivings that already hungrily gnaw away at their very soul?

Image via Tumblr

Spotlighting those failings as if there is no more substance to this person; like their being is entirely composed of those very horrible things you speak of. And yet if that were true, if there was a shred of truth to those harmful words you let pass through crass lips, then being a person of this accused caliber, which in your eyes is the most repulsive thing ever, then where the hell is your empathy? You believe those faults to a person is utterly atrocious then why throw stones? Because don’t you think that person has not felt that same way about themselves once, twice or maybe with their every breath?

How do you think your fallacious attack with words makes that person truly feel? Being reminded of flaws is nothing less than pouring salt into ugly and unnecessary wounds that actually take time to heal. And time stops for no one.

Place your feet in their shoes and walk that walk because there you will find that those words are far from constructive criticism but act like small doses of fatal arsenic.

So why can’t we just be civil and accept one another for those imperfections we are so happy to amp up on the palaver and better spend that time searching for the many perfections that remain buried away. Encourage them to the surface and celebrate because sticks and stones break bones but names fracture much, much deeper.


“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”





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