lunch with karen

Remember the day from hell? That day when I innocently went into my volunteer position only to find that a fellow, presumed well-loved paid work colleague was sacked the day before. Her name is Karen and I am meeting up with her this coming Friday; hooray! I am excited to see her again, catch up and all though I’m slightly fidgety and nervous over this lunch date because I am still sitting on some vital information. Well maybe more like gossip, but regardless of terminology I’m facing a conundrum.

Do I divulge what I overheard in the community center offices?

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Do I inform her of the appalling bitching and many accusations made about not only her but another paid colleague who works more for the church side of the center?

The thing is I may have let onto a little something last Friday when I spoke to her, not only exposing the shambles that are transpiring throughout the center since her departure but also that the day prior to her dismissal I overheard some ‘stuff’.

I feel immense loyalty to this beautiful girl, someone who was under incredible pressure when I first began there, yet she went completely out of her way to make me feel comfortable and befriend me. No one else from the community center has gone out of their way for me, nor any of the other volunteers working unpaid for them in fact. I’ve been consistently ignored by them, only acknowledged when I am needed for some mundane task, like packing show-bags or folding up brochures. And these tasks are always met with a hostile command as opposed to a friendly request.

So you can see why I feel such a strong sense of allegiance to Karen and want to do the right thing by her. And aside from telling her about all the colossal fuck ups in the office of late, I’m struggling with divulging this information. Those hurtful words overheard will not change her situation nor make it any better so is it really the right thing to do on my part? Or am I just giving into my inner bitchy fifteen-year old self who feels like it’s us against the world?




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