all hallows’ eve

October 31st means two things for me this year; Halloween and the start of the month of November. I don’t dislike either, well maybe except for November as it means Christmas is lingering and with that my own birthday looms near. But this time round November has also deflated a much anticipated goal of mine.

New York.

Yet again another travel detail unintentionally wiped clean and disposed of. This time around I didn’t share this intent with those around me, hoping not to jinx these plans and also should the worse case scenario come about, refrain myself from further embarrassment. But much like this years past travel arrangements, this one was almost fated to end chaotically. I truly wanted to spend the month in the Big Apple, appreciating my tiny loft and New York City surroundings. Inspired to the brink with creative prowess that only New York can bring about. Perched beside a window over looking it’s concrete jungle whilst typing furiously away on my manuscript.

But I won’t be there. And again I’ve had to push that out for the New Year and if the Gods be kind, I will finally get to do this, I will finally get to travel! I was so looking forward to joining in with the Halloween festivities as It’s not widely celebrated here in Australia. Though it has definitely gained more support in these past few years however there is still much divide. You get those embracing the spectacle of it all, more so for the flamboyancy than for it’s proper meaning and then those who turn their noses up to it, feeling as though this American carouse should remain American.

Anyway I’ve had this ‘perfect’ costume idea for sometime now. A corpse bride but with my own sartorial twist as opposed to the typical (or what I assume to be typical) oversized wedding dress and matted hair. My creation starts with a sleek black lace dress with a petite train to trail along, some sky high stiletto spiked heels, (in an ideal world these would be a creation by Mr Louboutin himself) a large floral crown consisting of midnight black roses and my face painted to resemble a hallow skull.

Image via Pinterest

Amazingly I found the dress of my dreams and crown online, both at very enticing prices and at which point I felt as though it was a positive omen. But just within the week those pieces have sold out and I took it for what it most likely meant. I would not be gracing any Halloween parties in the USA this year.

I would just love to experience this just once in this lifetime. Soaking in the ghoulish ambiance and kindness of strangers generously showering younger children with copious amounts of candies that would probably keep them buzzing all night and fill their tiny little mouths with cavities.

To drive around and gape in awe at overzealous home owners decorating their front lawns with macabre pieces. Take a trip to the haunting Salem for it’s over the top decor and walk those creepy willow lined streets at midnight hoping to experience an encounter of the ethereal kind. And of course the booze filled parties my cousins would no doubt hold and attend.




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