ode to a friend

Friends. I may not have as many as I did when I was much younger, but the small handful I do now have the privilege of calling friends are worth their weight in gold.

I have this one friend who I shan’t name names just yet, but she’s a doll and utterly amazing. And the other day I did the unthinkable. I happened to mention this blog and share in it’s secrecy. It may not seem like such a big deal and I suppose you might think I am being a tad frivolous in hiding this part of me away, but feelings have never been effortless to express nor have I ever really had anyone to express them too, so this blog is kind of a big deal. And perhaps why I’ve been working tirelessly at keeping it as anonymous as possible.

But there I was, sitting on her couch and letting it all out, not going into too much detail as it pretty much speaks for itself. It’s a little unnerving to think that someone close to me now knows my inner demons, demons I have worked hard to conceal and keep buried. In fact she may or may not be reading this post now. Honestly I have no idea and I think I am ok with that. But back to my original point, over the weekend she said something that Ieft me bursting at the seams with pride and trying to retain escaping tears of gratitude.

It all began with an innocent conversation whilst getting to know her new love interest, (she will murder me for uttering those words mind you) when he happened to bring up the subject of what I do for bread and butter so I told him I was a writer slash blogger and left it at that, somewhat fobbing it off as I usually do since most people aren’t exactly interested in knowing much more than that. But here she was. The beautiful soul that she is perked right up ecstatically and proudly announcing at how ‘amazing’ I was etc, etc.

It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said about me in a very long time and during the drive back home I couldn’t help but recall that moment donning a smile as huge and proud as that of a Cheshire cat. To have such a wonderful friend who actually makes time in her busy schedule to read those ramblings of mine and actually support and encourage me in this endeavor is such an incredible honor and I can’t even begin to start on just how grateful I truly am.

So if and when you read this, I just want to say thank you, and apologies for mentioning the word, ‘love interest’!

But seriously, thank you darling,



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