what a day!

Finally my luck has turned for the better! I mean what the hell took so long in the first place?!

Yesterday I managed to score myself a new phone. Doesn’t exactly sound like cause for celebration but considering my struggles in maintaining a zero balance and a constant monthly battle of paying by due dates for the longest while I believed I would be ineligible to renew my contract and upgrade. But after a phone call last week in order to gain another payment extension I inquired if it were possible to do so and turns out it was indeed.

I was still feeling rather skeptical about it, thinking I would turn up to the store and ask for an upgrade only to be halfway through the process to find that I couldn’t. Actually I was terrified of something like that happening, more so for the utter humiliation. But had it not been for ye old faithful iPhone 4 disagreeing with me then I wouldn’t have taken such a risk. You see his circular button that virtually operates everything has lost feeling, no matter how gentle or firm I press down or how many times I repeatedly push furiously he’s just grown numb to me and it’s no longer cute. So you can imagine the mix of extreme nerves and excitement as I walked into the store with all fingers crossed. As per usual all three staff members were occupied with customers so I waited by the counter, pacing back and forth for a good five minutes until a middle-aged wispy blonde haired man in an ill-fitted black suit walked in and approached the desk. Apparently his presence was important enough that it caught the attention of one of them and she pretty much abandoned her customer and ran over to accommodate him.

I was standing right beside him but apparently I am invisible because she paid no notice to me and allowed him to easily cut in front of the line.


As my mind turned red a big neon sign reading bitch flashed and flashed. I was furious, so f****n livid until another thought weaseled its way in and told me perhaps it’s a sign of things to come. You’re going to get denied so you might as well make for the hills while you’ve still got a shred of dignity left. I held my ground but my palms were so slick with sweat I was afraid they’d flood the store before I could face any other embarrassment. Eventually more people came into the store with the same idea as the evil businessman, one virtually seating half of his body on the counter. Thankfully a handsome young salesman acknowledged my presence and approached me before he could be poached by the other four people whose mouths were foaming. It was unbelievably smooth sailing. He checked my account and I held my breath until he told me I was two years overdue for an upgrade so it was no problem.

I felt my body soften slightly. I knew what I wanted and that was a 5s in gold. Unfortunately they only had the 64 gig version in gold available, which I took. The downside was that it’s a $90 charge per month meaning I really, really need to stay on top of it because if I don’t it is really going to get out of hand fast. Looking back now, I probably should have gone for the white version that was at the price point I was comfortable with. But it’s done now.

The trouble came as he was trying to submit the application. It kept coming back with an error. He wasn’t sure why it wouldn’t go through but that pesky voice did. It kept yelling as if able to penetrate the walls of my mind with its voice to answer his question. “She hasn’t been able to pay her bills for years now.” It kept repeating that to me like a broken record while I glanced at the screen in front me trying to search for evidence that my financials were the cause for the error. Being unable to remedy the error he proceeded to phone an operator. It took a good thirty minutes, the longest thirty minutes of my life and possibly the sweatiest but it turns out the error was due to a PO Box address listed instead of a residential.

Amazingly my application was approved and I walked out with a new iPhone in gold!

Following that triumph I made my way to a stationary chain store to purchase a printer. I had seen it advertised online for $45 though it was only listed as in stock at another location to the opposite direction. I thought I’d give this nearby store a shot since it said limited amounts were available. I immediately found the printer on display though no stock was actually visible. I asked someone who worked there and he told me they only had the display model left. I thought about it for a second, take the display or travel all the way over the other store where I could essentially buy a brand new one. I choose the later and made my way there, arrived and couldn’t find the damn printer. I asked someone who told me they didn’t have any in stock despite the website saying so. Apparently no other store actually had one in stock either. I huffed and puffed a little and then drove all the way back to the previous store determined to take the display model. I cheered at the idea that I could probably get its generous price reduced further since it was a display model.

When I got there I caught the attention of a salesman and inquired yet again. He went out back to check there wasn’t one or two lurking somewhere and came back empty handed. He checked other stores and apparently another store near by had seven showing in stock. I asked if he could call someone to make certain there really was since I had already driven to another store and was disappointed. He made the call but it looked like they didn’t have any, he went back to check on something and came back with a brand new printer, boxed and ready to roll. It had been on hold for another customer since Monday though technically they only hold for 24 hours he let me have it. I felt bad for whoever Miranda happened to be, but you snooze, girlfriend, you loose. Printer problem solved and only for $45! In the words of Charlie Sheen, winning!

New iPhone. Check

New printer. Check

See, an amazing day. Now if I could get more and more of these kinds of days, I would be a happy chappy.




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