money buys my happiness

It’s that old cliché, money can’t buy happiness. Well I’m here to say screw that, it very well can. In fact I am quite certain it would buy me a considerable amount of happiness, so certain I’d be willing to stake my life on it.

Yesterday I was in deep conversation with a friend of mine over our envy of those few lucky sods in Queensland who won that illustrious seventy million dollar prize on Tuesday. We got to discussing how amazing it would have been if one of us had been the lucky recipient of that ticket and what or how exactly we’d spend such a glorious amount of money.

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First and foremost, I’d purchase my very own home and I guess with that much money I could even splurge slightly and buy my dream home or at least create it. I’d then focus on travel plans for the coming New Year. New York for my birthday, a short LA trip to follow then a dazzling European adventure during the summer months which would extend onto a grand American adventure in September, only to come back again to the USA in October for Halloween then a month in New York City to write whilst overlooking its magnificent concrete jungle then finally ring in 2015 in Bali with friends.

I’m pretty sure I’d fly first class for all that too. I mean, why not.

Then I’d probably update my little Honda with a gnarly white SUV, maybe a Porsche or maybe an Audi, I can’t decide but fear not, my cute little Honda will remain firmly in my possession as he is worth his weight in gold. I would obviously splurge on some much needed new clothing and accessories, up my street cred on the fashion blogger front that might just start to see me finally making some revenue off that blog. I’d also be investing in some photographic equipment too.

I’d start my own property development business. Something I’ve dreamed of pursing for oh so long now, purchasing old red brick homes with original seventies and eighties decor, much like your home was Maria, and renovate them smartly and completely. Update these treasures back to their former glories and give young Aussies a chance to live that great Australian dream of owning a home with a big backyard as opposed to cramped townhouses with bedrooms that struggle to fit a double sized bed within its walls. I’d even donate one or two homes a year to single parents, families or someone in need of a giant break. I know how much I’d appreciate that gesture should anyone ever hand me keys to my very own home. I would also invest in properties around the globe, mostly for the enjoyment of friends, family and myself. I think I’d also look into starting a small fashion line thing involving either t-shirts or jewelery.

Finally I’d help out friends who have helped me out so much over these years. Who have mouths to feed or their own financial hardships but still selflessly go out of their way to give me a hand. From bailing me out of financial ruts to even buying me drinks when we go out so I am not left out. It’s these guys I want to help the most for they have been there for me when my own family would not. This kind of money would truly improve their lives more than it would for some of my immediate family. I’d also love to donate and support the Cancer Council and to Alzheimer’s research in memory of you.

And honestly that would be just about it. Any remaining monies I guess I’d just leave in a high interest account to accumulate some more dough for myself.

After sharing all this with her yesterday I realized it wasn’t at all exuberant, at least not as one would imagine someone to do with such a frivolous amount of money anyway. No diamond encrusted cell phone cases, custom Bentley or Maybach vehicles and certainly no ginormous Mac Mansions. But I think we’d all go about it in that way, maybe only a small select few would blow it all on frivolous crap like solid gold toilets or something even more bizarre than that. But I truly feel like this kind of money would indeed buy me happiness.

Here’s why.

Should I come into a nice chunk of change overnight I know I’d be overcome in joy. Money would instantly buy me financial freedom and freedom of another kind; to live my life of my own accord. To fully delve into my writing, uninterrupted. To move into my own home and be completely independent and free of my parents. To see the world and peruse its many wonders and delights and to travel frequently to see my family scattered all over the world. Money doesn’t keep you warm at night, not in so many ways but it does put a damn roof over my head. I might get lonely living in that house of mine but I do have my little sidekick puppy dog and in the many years of her loyal company never once have I ever felt alone when it is just the two of us. My loneliness issues have always struck when I am around others, both strangers and locals. So living in my own home, I know I’ll survive. I’m sort of a hermit anyway.

Money buys me happiness because it allows me to freely acquire and do what makes me joyful; travel, writing, styling and interior design. I’d be extremely cautious with this money. I wouldn’t go advertising that I was made of money nor would I wipe my ass with hundred dollar bills. Then again, I’ve never been one who likes to parade those kind of things in public, always preferring to remain discreet and that would not change. But most importantly it’s a security for my future self, hell, it’s actually a brighter future period. The road I am on now has an end and the end is definitely nigh. Money like that would ensure I could live comfortably my entire life, regardless of if I were to remain a single lady for its entirety or not, should I be smart. I’ve lived life in the doldrums, I’ve been at rock bottom for far too long to take advantage of such a wonderful miracle and to waste it away on pointless, material things.

I’d be as frugal as they come.

It would be the ultimate financial test really since the two of us had never quite seen eye to eye nor do we like to remain in each others company for too long, at least in cash form anyway. Obviously this isn’t relevant to us all since our needs and ambitions tend to be as unique as our fingerprints but I know for me, money would buy me happiness.

Then again maybe it never truly would buy me complete happiness but hell I am more than willing to donate my body/life for scientific research and try to prove this damn theory correct!

Sooner rather than later, preferably.



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