resolutions: twenty fourteen edition

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Resolutions. Oh how I love and loathe thee!

I love the surge of motivation and commitment to a list of things I need to do yet detest how easy it is to break my word to each and every single one. It’s a recipe for disaster, seemingly destined for doom and non completion. Yet at the start of every year, ta-da, here we go again.

I know I said at the start of 2013 that it would be my most epic year yet. That it would be full of wonder and adventure, taking the next steps in my blogging career, getting noticed and reaching a certain point of ‘internet fame’. Of course I didn’t come near to any of it, not even a single day of adventure at that however this year, 2014 I believe it to be so. Because this year I am going to make it happen, at any cost.

2014 will be a year that I will look back on and know that I tried my hardest, regardless of success or failure and a year that I know I lived each and every single day to its fullest. So when it came to my resolutions I was inspired to take a different approach this year. And after some inspiration from a fellow Twitter user I decided to come at this resolution list making thing from a different angle. I decided to make resolutions for things that I perceive as very much doable and in my power to charge through to completion effortlessly.

So this year I intend on:

Writing more. Smiling more. Reading more. Cooking more. Dreaming more. Traveling more. Taking more chances

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And there it is, my simple and somewhat achievable resolution list. I decided to leave out that “lose five pounds” nonsense despite the fact that I could probably do to lose those five pounds, I kicked it to the curb because I never get around to shedding it, so adios friend!

The most important point I’d like to see through is to write more. It’s what I love so I feel like I can nail this on the head, at least I hope I will, if not sharing my words through the Internets then penciling them into my journal which has laid bare for some months now. I should also continue working on my manuscript which is in need of some serious cyber dusting.

To take more chances is something that will require a little mental working on, but I am ready for this battle and dance with my silly fears. So I will continue to dream on and dream for even bigger and brighter things whilst focusing on making some of those long-standing goals of mine a reality. Like showcasing more of myself one the blogosphere and even getting noticed by a PR firm or two. And of course travel, though a hardly realistic promise to make myself, still my wandering heart insisted upon this. I know opportunities will come, they always do but I am going to keep my heart open to mysterious funds that may traipse my way magically or find other ways to get around that barrier. I’ll be hitting the three year mark in April since my last travel adventure, which is an incredibly fearful number to reach for any nomad soul but I am keeping the faith, keeping the hope for some sort of miracle that will finally see me seated on those itchy airport chairs, seated beside a large window overlooking those giant feats of aerodynamic engineering, awaiting to board one so I may soar over seas and countless gossamer clouds to reach a never before seen destination.




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