mystery of the deceased

There’s been one thing troubling me into the New Year. One thing that has consumed my every thought, dominated my sleep and dreams at night, totally engrossed in this mystery. A few days ago I stumbled across something at our local park whilst taking my little puppy sidekick for a walk and this chilling discovery has left me in tatters, completely torn over it and completely unsure on how to proceed.

What I came across was what I believe to be a mutilated animal. Left discarded and possibly shredded on the wood-chip surroundings beside a shrub. Near enough to the path and leaving a stench that fills most of the park itself. It was a most horrible sight, whether you’re an animal lover or not, this view is sure to disturb. The smell was unlike anything I’ve encountered, not I’ve been in situations before with decaying bodies or anything but I never imagined the stench of decaying death to be anything such as that. It was suffocating, a mix of bad human body odor with rotting meat that had a slight tang about it. It’s a stench that lodges deep in every orifice, refusing to leave despite making its presence well known.

At first it looked like a cut down tree trunk that was overflowing with shiny sap, but something about that dark heap looked too sinister to be a natural form of nature but I continued past, deciding not to give it much more thought whilst gagging on the stench I wanted to quickly get far away from. However my stomach started to churn when I saw my trailing sidekick slow down with caution as she approached it, ever so carefully stepping off the grainy path and onto the wood-chips, her little black nose twitching with interest. I rushed on over to her, calling her away from the smelly attraction which I now knew better of. We both walked away and continued down along the path. But I couldn’t help myself, I kept glancing back, trying to get a better look at the mysterious dark spot amongst the green shrubbery. We did another final lap, approaching the blob yet again, slowing down trying to examine from a safe distance though I still couldn’t make out much more than the swarm of flies that encircled it.

Image via Pinterest

And from that point I knew it was a dead animal. But what was it? A fox? Cat? Dog? Had a fox attacked a cat or vice versa? Or worse, could it have been some petty punks who thought it ‘cool’ to harm and mutilate an innocent being? Could there really be evil-minded people in my neighborhood and was my pooch safe? I couldn’t bear the latter thought so I left it as an act of nature. And then I started wondering, what should I do? I mean do I report this to the RSPCA or to the council? What does one actually do in a situation like this?

That night this mysterious death was all that seemed to consume me. The next day I returned to find that someone had covered the poor little carcass with the surrounding wood-chips it lay on, though the stench remained not letting us forget what lay hidden beneath the surface. When I went to sleep later that night I had a garish nightmare of two hooligans and a scared, bright-eyed fluffy dog meeting its sad demise. That morning I had to return yet again though this time I found pet tags on the path only a few meters away from the deceased. I was already torn about what I should do about this, but now to think that there may be someone out there searching for their beloved pooch, and that they’ll never know where he/she is or what truly happened to them.

I checked the tags but they came up empty. They were only tags supplied by the council when a pet is registered so no actual name or contact number printed on them and there was about three of them in total, all with different numbers I think. Still this was quite the coincidence. Dead animal with tags strewn haphazardly on a path. This mystery is tearing my hair out with me needing to know what happened. I hope to God it wasn’t a cruel game someone wanted to play for kicks, accidentally leaving behind their trophy of pet tags they’d accumulated during their sick games. Perhaps it was a hit and run and the driver moved the body into the park and left the poor creature to die? Then again wouldn’t you leave the tags beside the body? I mean if you’re going to run something down and take the time to move it into the park, away from the park entrances then surely you’re not just going to toss the tags randomly onto the lawn or anything.

What if there is someone out there finding enjoyment in tormenting smaller creatures? Then again, maybe I am just being my dramatic self, making a mountain out of molehill. But regardless what the hell can I do about this? Or what is even the customary or morally correct thing one should do in a situation such as this?



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