the road to greatness

Late last night I happened upon a YouTube montage of various Will Smith interviews of him talking about creating true success and the value of dreams. One line in particular stuck to me like glue.

“Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity”

Damn, ain’t it the truth!

I’ve been beating myself up a little over my dreams for the past few months, allowing the shallow opinions of others to snake their way into my head, making me question the validity of what I want to achieve. But most importantly questioning exactly how realistic they truly are which left me culling them down to fit some kind of mold. And I hadn’t even realized I was doing this!

I don’t know what is scarier. My ignorance of this subconscious worm or the fact that I was starting to loose faith in my dreams and myself. So what if what I want to achieve is deemed farfetched and unrealistic. It’s those dreamers who dream the seemingly impossible who make it possible. Our history is flooded with great thinkers and doers and all those great thinkers and doers were also met with small minded criticism and skepticism. But they did it, not to prove others wrong and do that little ‘I told you so’ song and dance. They accomplished it because it was their passion, their dream and they believed in it. Now my dreams are in no way going to change the world, at least I am yet to dream up of such things, but they are mine alone and they excite me immensely. I know they’ve been mocked by others who instantly dismiss them and see my apparent failure. And it’s those thoughts that make me take a step back and revisit and adjust those very dreams.

But adjust them I shan’t! I see what’s going on now. I am wiser to this blasphemous worm and told him to be gone! And anyway, when you actually write them on paper and paint that vivid picture they don’t seem at all that unpractical but very much attainable so I need to be vigilant, siphon out that stupid snake and keep on truckin’. I know deep down what I am doing and aiming for is the right thing for me so I am going to keep dreaming and I am going to dream up even more crazy and wild things and not care whether it’s realistic or not.

I will set that bar high because I refuse to settle for mediocrity.

And anyway, I know who mediocrity really is. Mediocrity and I have been long standing friends and he is a friend I am trying to shake off. I don’t like him one bit, he’s a bore, a leech and has bad breath.

This is not a friend for me.





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