confessions of a lone cub

While doing my daily blog rounds yesterday afternoon I happened across the fashion blog of college student whom opened up about some major issues she had been facing over the past few weeks or so. She was struggling hard. Battling those very same inner demons I  had previously fought firmly with.

Mr, ‘I don’t know what I want to do with my life’.

She saw him as the most inconvenient obstacle, relentless in his vice and the most unwelcome party guest to her soiree.

In her interrogation she was also faced with the conundrum of whether she was actually on the right path to begin with. Was this the right college she needed or even wanted to attend in the first place? And most importantly, were the classes she was slaving away for even right for her? Did she really want to proceed with such a profession or did her heart lie elsewhere?

Was she even happy?

I can see why she’d feel that way, hell I know when I met him we were hardly civil and it took some time for me to actually see the blessing in disguise that his dramatic appearance brought. I could completely relate. So rather than typing the usual, ‘love that skirt’ with a sincere but brief ‘I hope everything pans out for you’, I proceeded to give her some of my own (perceived) pearly wisdom and two cents.

Image via Pinterest

I told her that there was a silver lining in all this. She had been blessed with the awareness that most people never actually get the pleasure of meeting.

She has real opportunity to forge out a new path. To listen to what her heart desires. Discover her passions and most importantly follow her dreams, whatever they may be. She clearly was not happy but with open eyes she can veer herself off the motorway that everyone rides blindly down and take that yellow brick road to something magical and gratifying. Never mind what peers may say! You’ve got one life to live and one pair of shoes to walk in. No one else will ever get the privilege to travel in those shoes and you will never travel in theirs. It’s yours alone and a journey that should always be tailored to you; to make you happy.

Why live a life so unfulfilled and completely miserable? And all for the sake of saving face. You think you can do it, be like everyone else, but after a while you will grow weary. Muscles will ache, bones will break and you’ll yearn for those sweet smelling wild flowers. Eventually you’ll stop and search for him again only to find he’d been sitting in your blind spot, singing his saccharine lullaby in the back seat of your car this whole time. Waiting for you to embrace him yet again.

Waiting to help you get to where you need to be.




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