music monday: paradise

I don’t think I’ll ever really forget the first moment I heard this song. Hearing that sweet melody paired with lyrics that rung deep and true within my wounded soul. And during another delicate point in my life I felt like it could not have described my situation any better. When life gave me lemons I ran away to my dream world. Sadly still, at times I feel like it continues to do so to this very day. Escaping to that dreamland only accessible through firmly closed lids is what I virtually existed for. Itching for night to fall so I could finally lay my head down on my comforting, tear soaked pillow and be transported to another reality and dimension. A reality that is so wonderfully far removed from my own bleak one and so much more inciting to what I experience on this plane every day. A place were I was still myself but my surroundings were so much more preferable to the norm or just mildly improved.

It’s much like taking a mini vacation though does not cost one the earth.

When life is filled with unspeakable ultimatums and demands, hurtful insults and jibes, I retreat into my beloved hermit mode not wanting to get bruised further. Just needing some semblance of joy to keep you going and most importantly, sane. And that dream world certainly provides one with shelter. My nomad soul craves for something else, something more but unfortunately since in this day and technologically advanced age one can no longer pack a suitcase and just disappear to paradise. Start afresh. New name, new vision and a new you period. Reinvent yourself without your past coming back to bite you on the ass.

Impossible in this realm. But the other?

Anything is possible.



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