apocalypse please

Is it just me who yearns for a massive shift in powers? A grand change to this world’s order? Sometimes when everything is just balls up I sit back and imagine what it would be like to live in a dystopian society. What the scenery would be like and how humans would now interact in this new realm. But most of all, just how wonderful it would be to have the shackles of today’s so-called ‘life’ removed. To be placed in a world were your basic survival is what matters most. Much like that of the animal kingdom itself.

No more money worries.

No more petty stresses involving man-made issues.


It’s silly I suppose to dream of such things but I find solace in it at times. And in a world that is eerily similar to that of The Walking Dead, (and no I promise I am not that obsessed *insert “grimacing face” emoji here*) I can’t help but feel like I’d actually make it. And for once in my life I’d become top dog and a player you’d definitely want on your team. I like to dwell on the reality of such a time and place, where it essentially becomes a dog-eat-dog, zombie-eat-human world. Survival of the fittest. It would be a violent world though wars would be embarked for the need of territory and survival as opposed to the frivolous causes of today.

Those lost days of wayfarers roaming plains no longer extinct. Though now both human and decomposing corpses share such a title. People would flock to the countryside no longer in search of that simple seachange they once did but ultimately for their survival considering cities and suburbia would be death traps .Neighborhoods and towns, estates and malls would be your playground, provided you entered with an air of caution. Nature slowly devouring the decaying concrete jungle we left behind and humans left to squat in discarded burrows and holes for safety and shelter. Jumping into vehicles left abandoned on the side of the road, keys in engine and a bag or two of precious supplies to consume as you travel further down the road to scavenge for more edible bits and bobs.

Image via Pinterest

I’d like to think of myself as a leader pf sorts, itching to gather humankind together again to band as one, fighting off what has now kicked us off the top of the food chain. A hero of sorts perhaps? Unfortunately I feel like the reality of the person I dream I’d be would probably leave me with a knife in my back, or worse yet crippled with a bullet in the knee on the side of a road with a herd of flesh-eating zombies fast approaching. I think my kindness and need to see the good in people is what would end up being my ultimate demise. Being too trusting of others, letting strays into our circle foolishly only to be robbed blind and left for dead.

Then again (in my opinion) a world void of those green bills and pointless conformation would still be better. Regardless of knife in back.




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