music monday: sweater weather

You know when there’s a song that just makes you glimmer from the inside out. A song that you can lose yourself in totally and completely. It sends your imagination into overdrive with a simple idea; a humble picture that dances deliciously in your mind. It’s a gentle escape from the humdrum pressures of the now to a place of sheer freedom. So it’s no secret amongst friends how I’ve become rather fond of this song, more so for the cutesy depiction I freely sketch out in my mind than the catchy tune itself. And after a fun catch-up encounter with and old (lost) male friend over the weekend I’ve somewhat fallen smitten with him again. Though it’s probably more unrequited than anything else (as it always is anyway) it is still delightful to notice other absent emotions stirring within me, shifting focus from the negative ones that loom their webs daily. So I can’t help but lose myself to a daydream in the confines of my mind and reveal in the extreme joy and endorphins that course through me for it, especially during days of hardship.

I see us laying on my overstuffed chaise lounge, our bodies sinking into the firm grey and white Ikat printed cushions. Feet up, bare legs intertwined, torsos twisted into an embrace. Rain swiftly tumbles outside, tears dripping and cascading down the large window panes beside us. We lie there wrapped and twisted in each other showing faint interest in the television program glowing in front of us, talking and laughing, joking and playing. My sidekick is not far, she also lies on her side atop my shaggy white rug, paws kicking away furiously as she looses herself in her dreamland. A land brimming with fluffy grey cats to chase and police and many a bone to consume and bury. We share a kiss or two now and then and get lost in deep conversations. Sometimes the scene extends to other parts of the house, like the cuddling in a pool late at night, under the stars with a glass or two of Vuerve or the spontaneous propping me up on the white stone benchtop in the kitchen and kicking aside the orange Kartell bar stool, its plastic surface clattering noisily against the polished concrete floor.

Blissful and simple yet so far removed from my true reality. But a dream no less and one I can firmly hold onto and pray it sees the light of day.



2 thoughts on “music monday: sweater weather

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  2. I might have already commented on this, if I did you can delete this one 🙂

    This reminds me so much of my best friend, I miss those times… just laying in bed watching TV, kissing and talking off and on… beautiful memories of him and I, which I am trying to forget…

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