music monday: rill rill

Rill, rill. Reminds me of those now long gone days of driving and cavorting through Boston town. Those blissfully claustrophobic tunnels channeling underground that metropolis, always leaving me euphorically dazed with the occasional peek-a-boo glimpses of what stood towering above. Confusing me with its numerous lanes and perplexing turn-offs like the lane to the airport I’d always find myself drifting upon, and the mad rush of hysteria I’d endure in trying to rectify this situation at the very last-minute by miraculously merging four lanes over. A feat that would put young Indiana Jones to shame. Passing through those emerald gates of the Tobin Memorial Bridge, each boxlike metallic pane framing sensationally grey clad skies from above, and at dusk, illuminating that magnificent skyline with its reflected psychedelic pinks and purples from my rear view mirror. It seemed that once my red Camry bound off that great bridge this song would automatically commence on the radio. Always without fail. Those sharp, vexatious electric beats causing immense irritation for reasons unknown. How I detested this song so! I’d end up distracting my eyes to the scenery blurring past me, my earlobes switching attention from those grating alternative tunes blasting from the speakers, to the middle-aged English chap yapping away directions of my final destination Marblehead from my TomTom. It was not a favorite tune of mine back then, though now? Now I can not spend a day without exposing my ears and consuming my thoughts to its quirky beat. For it’s the memories it deliciously stirs that has me addicted and it’s withdrawals a cold reminder of what has been lost. The flashbacks to that traffic, those stores, the architecture and delightful misadventures had throughout that great city. And of course the memories of my sweet family too far away from me now. A family I yearn to be near at every second of every day and a place I knew I was accepted regardless.

It is an addiction I never want to give up on for it is those very memories that keep me going.

Keep me strong.



One thought on “music monday: rill rill

  1. Wow, can I tell you how incredible this was… it brought back memories of songs… ones I never liked but now.. I have learned to love them … for the memories..

    I haven’t been dealing to well with things, so I finally started asking for help, this lack of sleep is utterly crazy… it has be edgy and sad… how I long for unbroken sleep… I don’t think I will get it until I talk to someone about how I got to that place.

    I hope you have a really good week ahead… you always touch me with your written thoughts 🙂

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