california love

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I can’t believe it’s here, or should I say half way through now. Coachella. Another week down, another year down and yet another event missed.

A sad case of history repeating.

I wish I could say I’ve been immersing myself with blog posts and Instagram shots of those lucky few who venture through those gates and that palm tree-lined horizon wonderland. But sadly it seems that most festival revelers this year have actually forgotten to document and upload their experience and adventure. Which in turn leads me to believe that Coachella 2014 must have been seriously impressive. And I mean seriously impressive, since this festival du jour is notorious for the social elite .

Then again with a line up like that was it any surprise?

I’d love to attend just once. Even if it’s filled with a few obnoxious types who over dress in this new Bohemia style of Hippy. Adorned in floral crowns, a-la Lana del Ray and short denim cut-offs that are dangerously close to showing other attendees what that person ate for breakfast. Oh and the narcissism! The selfie craze of youths clogging up pathways and crowds just to take a photo or two of themselves with a palm tree off in the distance. Regardless I’d still love to go, still love to be one of those narcissistic kids. For the music and even the selfies too. For those magical desert sunsets and the legendary Ferris Wheel and most importantly the stories that will come from such an iconic affair. Because that is what it’s all about. Not the narcissism but to be at one with the desert and music. And one day I really hope I will get to experience this and not just confined to my head or vicariously through others. But to physically be there on those lawns with that crowd. Hopefully that one day will be in 2015.

Universe are you listening?



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