music monday: wonderwall

Just sitting here thinking about that one person you hold out for. You know, the one who greets you when you shut your eyes at night or conjure up when the days are long and vexatious. That one good thing you hope for and believe wholeheartedly in, regardless of feelings being reciprocated. You pray for the day when they come into your life and ultimately emancipate you from it all. They ride a white horse or maybe drive a rusted red Mustang. Either way they’ve come to slay those demons you fear and carry you off to another world, so far removed from the hurt of before, safe and protected forevermore.

That day is out there, nigh or maybe just lost in the turbulent winds of the future, but it’s still out there. And they are out there somewhere too. Blindly fighting their own demons while dreaming of you, believing that maybe, you’re going to be the one who saves them too.


One thought on “music monday: wonderwall

  1. Okay… that was moving… I have had that same thought… I have to move on though. I really have to wonder if I did finally get involved with some man (you know the man who has to jump through hoops of fire for me) if I wouldn’t give it all up if ‘he’ came back? Then again, I highly doubt ‘he’ will come back… just a thought.

    I hope things are going well for you, I have had a few days off and one more to go, lots of time to think and lots of time to rest… I think I am getting to the core of why I am not sleeping, I am moving in the right direction to change that.

    Have a really good week ahead 🙂

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