tu me manques

An uneventful weekend passed. Yeah, like that is anything new right? The rain was falling outside and I watched it from the comfort of my couch. Accompanied with some bad Thai food in hand and ye old faithful television screen blaring out its regular prattle. And while my friends were out and about, painting the town red for a birthday all I could do was lay about, moping the usual woes and tribulations. I also couldn’t help but wish he was here with me. Right there and then. Dreaming away of such a day or dare I say a weekend with him. Weekends involving copious cuddles on the couch, debating nonsensical things and hysterically laughing at my sidekicks impeccable timing of suddenly farting during a moment of silence as she regally sprawls about on the couch beside us.

Being lazy as rainy Saturdays call for.

Pyjamas or sweats on. Heater turned right up and limbs splayed comfortably about as if our insides had suddenly turned to jelly. He plays his guitar, those soft strings and rifts created by the movement of skilled fingers on tightened strings enchanting me further, pulling me deeper into his spell.



One thought on “tu me manques

  1. I love this… how true, I love rainy days and hanging in my house in comfy clothes, not having to rush about or dress in anything special… I too wish ‘he’ was here with me…

    Thank you for being there when I reached out the other day, it was good to know I can message someone and they are right there… you are so sweet and kind to me… I hope things are going well, chat soon 🙂

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